*FREE* Victory Garden Course Teaser

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This “mini-course” is based on the Los Angeles Master Gardener Victory Garden Course. Sarah Leone will show our participants how to maintain a resilient, beyond organic food ecosystem whether in a backyard, containers in your lanai, or a community space. Students will learn the scientifically proven methods that support a healthy soil food web and allow you to grow more food in less space. Topics covered will include:

Planning, Site selection, Containers, Raised Beds

Soil Structure, Botany, Composting, Seed Starting

Pest Management and Garden Maintenance

Harvesting, Preserving

When : Saturday, February 7th from 12-4pm 

Where: Von Holt Room in the office building of St. Andrew Cathedral

RSVP at our eventbrite page to guarantee seating

Bring a notebook, pen or pencil, water bottle, sun protectors, gloves, any seeds you’d like to share, and snacks for you and the class if possible.

This introductory gardening course is aimed at reaching diverse members of our community with a focus on those who live in urban Honolulu – particularly apartment and condominium residents who may want to do more gardening but find it daunting in that setting. We hope that it will empower participants in a variety of ways to produce their own food and get reconnected with the ‘aina. Honolulu has among the highest living costs in the country, and affording fresh produce can be challenging for many. By growing more of their own food – becoming producers and not just consumers – we hope people will be empowered to eat more nutritiously and contribute to solving the larger food security problem we face as an island that imports 90% of its food. In getting to know and working with the microclimates and diverse geographies of their own neighborhoods, students will come to understand, and hopefully better appreciate and steward, the environment which we all share. We hope this workshop helps build community and community knowledge that can be shared and replicated over time.

-Karen Shishido of Kanu Hawaii

This course is sponsored by Kanu Hawaii as part of its Grow Local Campaign 2015 and The Social Justice Ministry of St. Andrew’s Church. Kanu Hawaii is a nonprofit community network that empowers people to build more environmentally sustainable, compassionate, and resilient communities rooted in personal commitments to change.

www.kanuhawaii.org | www.facebook.com/JusticeOutreach | www.aloharesiliency.com


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Many bus lines including 1, 2, 3, 9 run frequently along Kapiolani and King St. 

Free parking available on the Beretania side of the church and metered parking. 


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